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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Turtle "Doves"
As part of the 12 days of Christmas today I am featuring Abby from TheSpinningLotus on etsy. I have chosen Abby's P E A C E Sterling Silver Chain with Sterling Silver "Dove" Bird and Peace Sign Pendant.

I am so happy I got a chance to learn a little bit more about Abby. She finds such wonderful inspiration for her items.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself

A: My name is Abby, and I've been crafting for about 8 years, but I've only been on etsy for a little over a year. I really enjoy scrapbooking, spending time with my wonderful family (including my Pomeranian, Sam and Dave), practicing yoga, and painting watercolors.

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for this item?

A: I wanted to invoke the dove as a Christian symbol of peace and hope, like when the dove returned to Noah after the great flood with an olive branch, symbolizing the return of peace and a new beginning. The combination of the peace pendant and the dove is both a literal and figurative interpretation of the peace and hope ideal~~one of the highest spiritual values to which we can aspire during the holiday season. I'm also inspired by Native American religious practices, particularly the harmony ideal. Hundreds of years ago, when Native Americans met European explorers, they would frequently present white feathers to the visitors as symbols of peace and harmony.

Q: What type of material was used to make this?

A: The necklace is all sterling silver. I'm interested in learning to work with pure white gold, but right now I'm focusing on affordable pieces.

Thank you Abby for allowing us to see what inspires you! It was such a pleasure! Happy Holidays.


What is the 12 Days of Christmas here on The Boho Birdie? Each day will represent one of the 12 Days of Christmas. We will get to meet an artist from etsy and learn a little about them and their 12 Days of Christmas themed item. Each item will have something to do with this wonderful Christmas song.

This is truly, I think, the best part of having a place like etsy. It is great meeting others who are creative in their own way--just trying to share their talents and love for their craft with others. I love it! Tomorrow is the 3rd day of Christmas. I will be featuring an item with the theme of Three French Hens! So please come back!

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