Baby Shower Up Date

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hello everyone!
I am so sorry it has been so long. My Internet has been acting up but we got the problem fixed and I am back up and running!
We have been working very hard on my cousin's baby shower. We got all the invitations out over two weeks ago. Everyone seemed to enjoy them very much. :o)

We have come up with a final menu and have started to buy items that can be purchased ahead of time such as the plates, cups, napkins and silverware. We have a lot of guests coming to both the Friday and Saturday showers so we decided to stay with very simple foods. Nothing to fancy at all. Convenience and simplicity played a huge factor in choosing the menu items. We stat down and divided up the food duties. This way there is not just one person in charge of all the food. It makes everything much less stressful and easy! Take a look at the menu....
We only have six days left so time is ticking. We have decided to invite both men, women and children to both parties. Everyone in my family is very laid back and enjoys a good time. So we figured why not involve everyone in the celebration right?!

After our Mother's Day celebration tomorrow I will be sitting down and finishing up all the giveaways for the children that are coming. I am excited about the goodie-bags and all the little treats that come with them. I will also be putting together some of the games we will be playing. So please come back for more baby shower fun!!!
xoxo SarahKate

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