Baby Shower Goodie-Bags

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Check out these adorable pins and goodie-bags that were given away at the baby shower!

I found these pins at Micheal's Arts and Craft store a few weeks before the shower. The were so cute. The mommy-to-be, Molly, was able to pass these around to all of her family members before the guests arrived. Everyone got a huge kick out of these!

These were the goodie-bags that were passed around to all the children that came to the shower. We decided to go with two family style showers where men, women and children were all invited. Each bag was packed with two animals tattoos, jungle fruit snacks and a wooden magnet coloring kit we found at Micheal's Arts and Craft store. These bags were stuffed and put together for all under $1.50 each.

To create this grassland inspired goodie-bag all you need is a few simple items. All of these can be found at any craft store. I got all of my supplies from Micheal's.
  1. Small brown craft bags
  2. 1 Roll of green craft paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue (glue dots worked the best!)
These bags were completed repeating these short steps for each individual bag....
  1. Cut green craft paper into strips about 3 inches wide.
  2. Cut small triangles to create a grass affect.
  3. Glue the cut grass to the bottom of the bag. (this part can be a bit tricky, this is why glue dots work the best!)
  4. Stuff with goodies and enjoy!
xoxo SarahKate


Amy said...


passport in my pocket said...

these are so adorable. And I like crafts that are easy ;)

SarahKate said...

Hello there! Thanks so much for the comments! Passport: you are very right, it was super easy!

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